Best albums of January 2024 Roundup


Life changes happening outside of this blog. Work, location, life in general. Slowly working my way back into music posts. Minimal commentary this time around. To get caught up, here are my favorite releases from January.

🌿 = Top recommendation


Archaic | Orkun A. - Ambient/drone from Turkey
Castle | 1381 - Very short and sweet minimal Castle/Medieval synthwave/dungeon-synth
Na Igle | The Violent Youth - German goth/post-punk


🌿 Suffer & Become | Vitriol - One of the most powerful/angry sounding US death metal acts ever.
Ascension In The Altar Of Condemned | Deconsekrated - Chilean Death Metal
Under the Wheels of Progress | GRAY STATE - Finnish Hardcore/Metalcore
🌿 Candela | Svdestada - Blackened Crust from Spain
Pimeyteen laskee joki | Nimetön Hauta - Finnish atmo-black
Saints Dispelled | Master - Death metal veterans from US/Czechia
Cerebral Purgatory | Resin Tomb - Australian Death Metal
🌿 Sinister Upheaval | Boundless Chaos - German death/black thrash
UPON THE KNIFE | ACID MASS Punky US speed/thrash
🌿 Warriors of Madness 7″ | Heavy Sentence Punky heavy/nwobhm from UK
🌿 As Spoken | Knoll - Avant-garde blackened death/grind from US
Lower Form Resistance | Dissimulator - Canadian sci-fi death/thrash