Best Albums Releasing Week of 02/02/2024

I think I'm finally back at it again. Playing catch-up still. The Feb 9th post will be soon.


J. Mascis - What Do We Do Now
Dinosaur Jr's J. Mascis releases another solo album and it sounds great. This time with full drums and electric leads, but as usual, the classic acoustic guitar rhythm underlying it all. Guest musicians add piano and steel guitar to round out this release.


Necrowretch - Swords of Dajjal
Top pick of the week by far. French blackened death metal. Sinister and beautiful. A few very unique parts on here where heavy distorted guitars are overlaid with a clean-tone "jangle" guitar picking sound that does the opposite of what you'd expect: makes it sound even heavier and more evil.

Deselect - Selftitled
Hardcore punk with a black/thrash feel. Nice vocal reverb, some unique punk guitar riffs in here too.

Smoking Mirror - Live for the Blade
Thrashy death metal with equally thrashy (yelling-style) vocals.

Askel - Cycles of Ruin
Grimy, noisy, doomy sludge. Get absolutely submerged in filth as you despairingly crawl through layers and layers of muck and feedback and despair.

Morghuul - Domination of the Beast
Old school blackened thrash sound. Production is a bit on the thinner side, with bass not as prominent as I would like- but it fits the aesthetic. Janky, old school hand-drawn album art. Plenty of "OUGH"s and wails and high-pitch shrieks! Sounds unhinged in the best way.

Mean Mistreater - Razor Wire
A band apparently named after a song by Willie Dixon from '68 or one of its covers. Classic metal and hard rock mixture with nice solos and a driving rhythm section that keeps things moving.

Ghoul - Noxious Concoctions
Speedy death/thrash with dual vocals, ranging from highs, to growls, to gang vocals, to mixes of all of these at once, great variety. Fast vocal lines, guitar divebombs and plenty of tremolo action. Constantly doing fun and interesting things musically- you will NOT get bored.

Hasturian Vigil - Unveiling the Brac'thal
Irish black metal that sometimes goes into a black n' roll or blackened hard rock feel at moments but then goes back to blasting. Nice switchups between these tempos. Nice guitar tone, though it could handle a bit more drive as it sounds a bit dry in the slower more rock-tinged sections. Works great during the black metal blasts though. A nice dry, coughy black metal vocal lays on top of it all well too.