Best Albums Releasing Week of 02/09/2024

With this final catch-up post we're up to date. Hope to have this week's albums actually posted this Friday or weekend!


Chelsea Wolfe - She Reaches Out to She Reaches Out to She
Haunting new album from Chelsea Wolfe. Dark and haunting as always but shades of electronica, industrial, and trip-hop this time. Inspirations from NIN, Depeche Mode, and so on can be felt pretty strongly. Inspired by Wolfe becoming sober as of January 2021.


Chapel of Disease - Echoes of Light
Goth rock/metal in the vein of Tribulation with some somber parts too.

Fange - Perdition
French industrial noise/sludge. Somehow this weird mix of genres works.

Hulder - Verses in Oath
This one's going to ruffle feathers. Hulder introduces some slow tempos and clean vocals into their typical black metal sound. Sound stays heavy and has plenty of blasting though. Cleans are more ritualistic and chant-leaning than anything. Understandbly a significant shift in sound, so not all fans may be on board. Genre gatekeepers also likely unhappy. But who cares- call it whatever genre you want. It's still dark, haunting, contains plenty of majestic black metal and harsh vocals and it's done so well it works! Hulder is nowhere near the first artist in extreme metal, particulary black metal even, to experiment this way. The world is better for it.

Petrification - Sever Sacred Light
Plodding death metal with fun guitar leads and divebombs, beefy production, and filthy vocals. Lots of tempo changes. Doom influence too. Great video for Twisted Visions of Creation track too.

Spectral Voice - Sparagmos
Four tracks and over forty minutes of heavy atmosphere. Ambient moments. All sorts of genres swirling here. Slow, dissonant, almost funeral doom left-turns into death/black blasting and the sound stays oppressive and frenetic throughout. Despair swaps with aggression. Lamentation turns to terror. It's a goddamn experience.

Theophonos - Ashes in the Huron River
An assault on the senses. A lot to keep up with. Keeping with the theme of dissonance- we turn to this release. Followup to Nightmare Visions (which I enjoyed) sees even more chaos and a slightly different production this time. Vocals are buried a different way. Honestly I can't tell if it's cleaner or muddier overall. It's just different. Originally I liked Nightmare Vision's production more but this one has grown on me. It stands on its own. The music is still a wonderful, dissonant, chaotic avant-garde blackened hardcore.