Best Albums Releasing Week of 02/16/2024

Slow week last week, only found a few releases, and all metal.


Griffon - De Republica
French medieval black metal with plenty of blasting, but often some nice melodic, softer interludes. Occasional clean singing or dual harsh/cleans, but done in a very majestic, medieval way that doesn't feel out of place to me. Another example of how cleans can be used in black metal without taking away from the genre IMHO. Slightly mixed political messages here, maybe due to being more historical than anything. As French black metal goes, this is probably on the 'safer' end of things.

Darkspace - Dark Space II
Industrial, droning, ambient black metal. Think a more spaced-out, reverbed industrial-era Blut Aus Nord.

Farsot - Life Promised Death
Depressive black metal but with some polish. The atypical album cover for the genre matches the atypical sound. It's almost got a blackened rock vibe. Definitely other genres clearly moving their way into this DSBM record. Some light piano/keyboard touches too, but very subtle. Also some interesting robotic almost throat-sung parts too. Dare I say this might be a black metal record for those not typically into black metal?

Eternal Storm - A Giant Bound to Fall
Spanish progressive/melodic death metal. I get vibes of Insomnium and death metal era Opeth here.

Acrid Death - Abominable Presence of Blight
German old school HM-2/chainsaw tone death metal. Nice driving rhythm section behind this. It's not doing anything unique or new in this style of death metal, it's just doing it well.