Best Albums Releasing Week of 03/08/2024

I kinda love everything listed this week- so not picking favorites. It's all so good.  


homeshake - CD Wallet
Grunge/alt-influenced bedroom shoegaze / indie pop From Toronto, Ontario. Great progression from soft verses to heavy choruses and so on. Solid singer/songwriter indie pop vocals. Guitar tone for days. Would be a perfect soundtrack to an overcast day.

Meatbodies - Flora Ocean Tiger Bloom
Garage punk/rock/psych with some pop in the melodies. Plenty of variation and great vocal harmonies. Fuzzy riffs. Some Smashing Pumpkins atmopshere going on here too.

Metal (primarily clean-ish / non-scream vocals)

Judas Priest - Invincible Shield
55 years since the band was formed and despite underwhelming album art and some slow tracks on the album, Halford's still got it and there's still plenty to like here.

March 8th is an incredible week. This release was such a surprise when the single first came out and the rest of the album keeps that pace. I have no idea how a 80s/90s classic metal/thrash project themed around Dale Earnhardt of all people ended up being so good, but it is possibly the TOP of the week. Hard to decide- but this is incredible and has no business being this good.

Early Moods - A Sinners Past
Fuzzy heavy/doom from Los Angeles. Big Pentagram/Candlemass vibes. Think more classic/heavy leaning instead of stoner.

Drunk Mums - Beer Baby
Australian old-school punk. Think of things like Ramones. Thick accent, biting social commentary, old-school punk attitude, it's so good!

Metal (primarily harsh vocals)

Molten - Malicide
One of the best recent releases from Transylvanian. Great album artwork by Noah Cutter Meihoff. Dark death/thrash with deep growls and enjoyable riffs.

Slimelord - Chytridiomycosis Relinquished
Well goddamn, this ripped my face off. Filthy raspy vocals, slimy atmosphere, psych death/doom that curls and twists through dissonance, reverb, effects, and tempo changes. This is one hell of a trip.

Skeletal Remains - Fragements of the Ageless
Absolutely blasting death metal. Feels like it has a bit more character than prior releases, like they've really slotted into a particular vision now. Some of my favorite solos and blastbeat sections I've heard in a while.

Midnight - Hellish Expectations
Well this week is just gem after gem. Midnight has never had a truly bad release, but this might be their best since Satanic Royalty. Long-running black/thrash act. Super catchy single F.O.A.L. had me sold immediately. One of the best to do black/thrash. Athenar's vocals are a standout in the genre.

Gost - Prophecy
Industrial/darkwave/metal/electro from Michigan. Think Perturbator, Carpenter Brut, and so on but far more industrial and metal focused. Goes from dance beats to machine-like blasting to slow drum interludes. Wild as always and great stuff.