Best Albums Releasing Week of 03/15/2024

Quieter week and that's okay!  


Spectres - Presence
Goth/post-punk from Vancouver, BC. Classic low voice and the sound you'd expect from the genre mostly, but it has a bit of a guitar-forward indie rock flair to it. Very pleasing, lush sounds.

Metal (primarily clean-ish / non-scream vocals)

Savage Oath - Divine Battle
Epic heavy metal from the US with some power metal feel- but without the typical over-the-top power metal cheese. Stays pretty firmly on the heavy metal side of things when it comes to the overall sound, but plenty of fast riffs and leads.

Metal (primarily harsh vocals)

Prisoner - Putrid | Obsolete
Richmond, VA d-beat/crustpunk but with some industrial edge. Great mix of influences.

Sacrificial Vein - Black Terror Genesis
Dissonant black metal with death/doom elements. Vocalist from Nothingness. Chants, low spoken word parts, swirling blast beats that sometimes makes this remind me of Esoctrilihum.

Necrophobic - In The Twilight Grey
The best "big budget" black metal band. They keep pushing out great releases. Mark of the Necrogram was a top album for me and this continues their quality work.

Brat - Social Grace
New Orleans hardcore with some grind/powerviolence feel and plenty of other influences (death, thrash, etc). Band describes themselves as bimboviolence. Sick merch and overall vibe. Aesthetically strikes a great balance between amusing/light-hearted and aggressive.

Stress Angel - Punished by Nemesis
Stompy death/thrash with a nice vocal growl that really has its own character in a saturated genre. Vocal reverb, some high speed-metal yells, and some really interesting guitar parts that clearly pull from other genres. Feels more death metal at times, feels a bit doomy at certain slow sections, stays fun the whole time.

Vltimas - Epic
Sigh. This is the release I'm still putting on this list that I'm least excited about. I loved the debut album from Vltimas, despite David Vincent's weirdness and wardrobe choices. But that weirdness has seeped really deep into this record. The debut release had solid, biting, believably aggressive vocals. On Epic, Vincent is now taking those original vocals and pushing a "singing" almost heavy-metal-vocal tone into them, but with really weird inflections and melody choices and I'm not sure it works. On one hand, it is very unique and I can respect really going left field, I just wish that it clicked better for me. To me, it just doesn't land and makes me miss the vocals of the debut. Not sure if this will grow on me or not, yet.