Best Albums Releasing Week of 03/22/2024

Not much to say in addition to what's below, this week. Enjoy.  


The Jesus And Mary Chain - Glasgow Eyes
This release marks 40 years for this Scottish rock band. You've probably already heard of them, but if not, they're a huge band in the post-punk / shoegaze / noise pop scene. Nice whispery haunting melodies and ringing synths.

Good Morning - Good Morning Seven
Solid Australian indie pop from a great label (Polyvinyl). Crisp production, great synths and vocals. Plenty of layers. The record is swimming sound. Only a touch of hesitation about the album art as at least a couple of parts of it look AI-generated, even though it appears to have some photos / human-placed designs as well. Lack info on the artist or artwork, and it's not fully AI, so I'm just ever so barely giving it a pass for now.

Metal (primarily clean-ish / non-scream vocals or instrumental)

Keygen Church - Nel Nome Del Codice
Latest release from instrumental Italian artist Keygen Church. I describe this as "industral retro-synth Castlevania metal". You've got pipe organs, choral chants, retro-style synths, driving industrial beats, and heavy synthesized guitar riffs.

Metal (primarily harsh vocals)

Dödsrit - Nocturnal Will
One of the best modern melodic black metal acts these days. Sick merch too. My favorite metal record of the week. Name your price on bandcamp, so if you love it, buy it! Tons of great dual lead melodies. Vocals are somewhat minimal on the record, depending on the track. Very majestic, without leaning too bright for their sound.

Critical Defiance - The Search Won't Fall...
Chilean thrash with a pretty aggressive vocal- but still firmly in thrash territory. Blazing fast riffs and drums, some older school, analog-sounding production that shines for this. Nice and warm and natural. Some nice bends and tremolos in the leads and plenty of energy.

Civerous - Maze Envy
My other favorite of the week. Heavy as fuck death/doom that simply builds and improves on their already great work on the prior release. Some progressive atmosphere, but stays heavy. Occasional time signature chaos. Gritty, raspy death growls. Occasional blasts of speed. Juicy solos.

Apparition - Disgraced Emanations From A Tranquil State
More death/doom. This time plodding, stomping, and blasting. Cavernous and deep growls. Riffs drenched in sludge and grime. Dissonant guitar solos and harmonics that slither around the rest of the instruments working in and out of the movements of the songs. Occasional slow, almost funeral-doom-level trudging with a few keyboard licks for good measure.

Aberration - Refracture
Avant-garde/dissonant death metal that is unrelenting. Constant blasts of tension and controlled chaos. Extremely tense chromatic scales. Absolute riff anhiliation. This is so fun to listen to as you can really get lost in what's going on.

Blackened death/sludge from Poland. Despairful, angry, hopeless riffs and screams. Aggressive and tense, yet melodic.

Mastiff - Deprecipice
Angry, crusty hardcore/sludge from the UK. HM2-like guitars with beefy production. Noisy, angry vocal yells.