Best Albums Releasing Week of 03/29/2024

A great piano release and then tons of extreme metal. This week is an exercise in contrast!  


kelly moran - Moves in the Field
Solo piano. Lush, warm, atmospheric. Some classical touches, some modern feel. Just beautiful piano work in general. It's complex but minimal at the same time. Very measured in its writing. Love this.

Metal (primarily clean-ish / non-scream vocals or instrumental)

None this time.

Metal (primarily harsh vocals)

Coffins - Sinister Oath
A long-standing Japanese death/doom band doing it as well as they ever have. Riffs that just make you constantly headbang and stankface.

Endless Loss - Traversing the Mephitic Artery
Australian black/death. Reminds me of war metal. Very bludgeoning, somewhat muddy but it contributes to the brutal atmosphere.

Givre - Le Cloitre
Quebecois black metal (and seems relatively safe from the nationalist/fascist tendencies of that scene). Historical religious themes and imagery, which can be offputting for some (including myself) on occasion but the band insists it's not in a "devotional or preachy way"- and they've spread awareness of forced evangelization's legacy of suffering / oppression of the indigenous, so I believe them.

Hate Force - Systems of Terror
Chicago war/death metal. Absolute hurricane of guitars coming at you at all times and deep death growls.

Frail Body - Artificial Bouquet
Skramz/screamo from Illinois that sounds like it could have come out two decades ago. Because the sound really reflects the time of the style it's taken me a bit longer to get into this one- as it's just not a genre/era I really gel with these days- but this does it so well, I've come around to it.