Best Albums Releasing This Week (08/18/2023)

Dawn Of The Axe by Cruel Force
bc / a.l
Speed metal and my favorite of the week. Blasting riffs, yelled vocals, trad elements. This has it all.

Altar Of Moss Vol​.​1 - Amidst A Forgotten Glade by Ysbrydnos
Raw celtic black metal + dungeon synth. Flutes!

Feral Legion by Invultation
bc / a.l
Gritty black metal with war metal inspiration

Ghost At The Gallows by Spirit Adrift
bc / a.l
This leans more traditional heavy metal. Bits of progressiveness too. But all very tasteful.

Festering Grotesqueries by Dripping Decay
bc / a.l
That album name is fun to say! It just has a fun ring to it. But in addition to that you're getting a mix of death/grind with old school influence. Soak up the grimy fun!

Seeing Through Fire by Ringworm
bc / a.l
New release by one of my favorite hardcore-leaning bands. A bit of punk feel to a lot of their tunes. These vocals are very polarizing. I absolutely love the rage and sound of these vocals but they can be a bit much for some- understandably. They're just so visceral, acidic, angry, and genuine.