Best Albums Releasing This Week (08/25/2023)

An Object In Motion - Drab Majesty
bc / a.l
A wonderful darkwave / new wave / gothic rock band and this is a solid EP follow-up to 2019's Modern Mirror. Great video release accompanying a track too. If I'm going to listen to darkwave, Drab Majesty is possibly my top choice- at least one of them. Just has everything you want out of the genre.

Ronde De Nuit - Muertières
bc / a.l
Female-fronted heavy/trad metal from France. Vocals that soar along with the guitar leads, along the lines of Smoulder, another favorite. Great stuff and currently name your price on Bandcamp! Get it now!

And now we move towards the heavier side...

Seasons Dreaming Death - Graveripper
bc / a.l
Primo blackened thrash. Loved their previous release Radiated Remains in all its nuclear yellow glory and their absolute hell of a 4-way split in 2022. New release shows no signs of them stopping. Solid riffs and solos- they waste no time! Some blastbeats thrown in alternating sections for added fun. Song after song rips!

Heaven Into Dust - Knife
bc / a.l
Was slightly worried that Knife's signing to Napalm could water down their work. One of the bands on the aforementioned Graveripper 4-way split that has kept my attention. Knife's follow-up to the album Knife (featuring the song K.N.I.F.E.) might not repeat the word Knife as often, but the vocal screeches and gang vocals on top of spicy, sharp speed must not be missed.

Disharmonium - Nahab
bc / a.l
Winding, uncomfortable, hallucinatory. Cold and lovecraftian. Another Blut Aus Nord release that leans towards the heavily avant-garde-industrial-black-metal side of their work (unlike the more traditional black metal you'd find on the Memoria Vetusta series) - this feels much more in line with That Work Which Transforms God (an all-time favorite) or the 777 trilogy and just as high-quality.

Insatiable Thirst For Torment - Celestial Sanctuary
bc / a.l
Top favorite of the week maybe?! Previous release Soul Diminished kicked so much ass and became a death metal release I constantly revisit. Time to add this to that list. Plenty of harmonics, thick chunky tones, creative solos, and, as one of their bandcamp tags states: "caveman shit". Metal fans are eating well this month!

Unholy Deification - Incantation
bc / a.l
Titans of the death metal genre- but honestly less covered territory for me personally. This is the first release in a while that's grabbed my attention. Still not entirely sure about the vocal production, but enjoying what I hear so far regardless.

Beyond Oblivion - Transgressor
Raw, murky, underground death metal from Japan from a band that's been around since the late 80's. Slow death/doom parts that give way to mid-tempo thrashing, back and forth.