Best Albums Releasing This Week (09/08/2023)

Slim week this week and that's completely fine. Fossilization is a strong enough release that it could stand alone for this week. But I'll toss in a distant runner-up.

Fossilization - Leprous Daylight
bc / a.l
Fossilization does it again with their first real full-length. There is no contest for best album of the week. This is AOTY-material for me. I absolutely loved their debut EP He Whose Name Was Long Forgotten and this just takes it up another step further. One of my favorite death/doom bands.

Cryptopsy - As Gomorrah Burns
bc / a.l
Out of the plethora of boring tech-death clones only a few bands transcend the genre tropes and venture into genuinely good songwriting- for me Cryptopsy is one of them (among others like Archspire). Feels like the grind influence helps here. Still yet, this does have its faults. Tech-death production leaves a lot to be desired and Cryptopsy's in particular often feels a bit thin and also very strange when it comes to drum/cymbal hits in the mix. If they improved their production/mixing this would be a much stronger recommendation, but I still think it's worth checking out.