Best Albums Releasing This Week (09/15/2023)

Bruxa - Colder-Darker
Dreary minimal ambient synth. Cold and icy, from a dungeon synth artist I enjoy. Nails the atmosphere.

Cognizant - Inexorable Nature of Adversity
Angular deathy grind that just caught my attention today. Enjoying the pinch harmonics.

Blood Oath - Lost In An Eternal Silence
bc / a.l
Death metal with some technical chops- but I wouldn't really call it "tech-death". It very much leans into being straightforward death metal but you get some swirling tornadoes of guitar leads mixed in well without coming off as overly tech, check out the track Sanctuary of Souls for a preview of what I mean.

Tomb Mold - The Enduring Spirit
bc / a.l
Surprise new release! Death metal with progressive elements from one of my favorites. They've gone a bit more experimental this time around but they keep it consistently moldy, so don't worry that they've compromised their sound. It's great.

Thorn - Evergloom
bc / a.l
Atmospheric death/doom that stands out in Transcending Obsecurity's catalog for sure. Slow and meaty.

Torpor - Abscission
I sometimes struggle with the long drawn-out writing of sludge and post-metal. Torpor does it well and I find myself enjoying it even when its trudging slowly forward. The tone and atmosphere have enough ear candy to keep some interest.

Great Falls - Objects Without Pain
bc / a.l
Noisy post-hardcore with some sludge feel. A modern take on what feels like a very 90s/00s sound.