Best Albums Releasing This Week (10/13/2023)

Late with this post. Tough week and weekend last week. Also, just posting YT and Album[dot]link links this week. Bandcamp just laid off 50% of staff so faith in Songtradr acquisition is being lost. Songtradr's inability to signal any good faith towards the Bandcamp United union also means at least for now I've stopped prioritizing them as a recommendation (though for supporting artists, it's probably still one of your best bets, despite the labor situation). With so many shitty music platforms, pick your poison, I guess.

Non-metal releases

††† CROSSES - Goodnight, God Bless, I Love U, Delete
yt / a.l
Feat. Chino Moreno of Deftones as usual. Love the continued dream pop / industrial rock / dark wave direction.

Creeper - Sanguivore
yt / a.l
Gothic rock with a Sisters of Mercy vibe.

Metal releases

Krieg - Ruiner
PA Black Metal by Jameson & Co. Quite aggressive and enjoyable. Very full production with just a wall of angry guitars coming your way.

Gravestone - Hollow Be Thy Grave
Swedish HM-2 death metal with a fun vibe.

Mānbryne - Interregnum: O pr​ó​bie wiary i jarzmie zw​ą​tpienia
Despondent black metal. A less fash version of something like Mgla (sorry to even mention them, apt comparison I believe, though).

Sadistic Force - Midnight Assassin
Great black/thrash. Sounds like it's shaping up to be a very enjoyable follow-up to Aces Wild.

Seraphic Entombment - Sickness Particles Gleam
Heavy as hell death/doom with that very anxious plodding dark slow guitar sound, reminds me a lot of Fossilization (a favorite of mine) which are their labelmates.

Taubra - Therizo
Occult black metal with a sound very typical of that side of the genre but executed so well. Swirling guitars and blastbeats. Extremely sinister atmosphere.