Best Albums Releasing This Week (10/27/2023)

Notable remasters/re-releases (aka you feel old now, you're welcome)

Non-metal releases

Not much to speak of this week. King Gizzard did a synth album and Taking Back Sunday has a new release but nothing really clicked for me.

Metal releases

Malokarpatan - Vertumnus Caesar
Slovakian metal that somehow finds a way to spellbindingly mix majestic traditional heavy metal and black metal into something great. My favorite of the week! Nothing else really sounds like this.

Year of the Knife - No Love Lost
This band has been through a lot lately, including a horrific van crash. The metal community came together to help fund their recovery via GoFundMe (to the tune of over $250k). They've emerged from those trials stronger than ever. Vicious, defiant, death-metal-influenced hardcore and the first recording with Madi on vocals. She rips these songs to shreds. Highly recommended.

Autopsy - Ashes, Organs, Blood and Crypts
Veterans of the death metal scene come through with a solid new release. The single Throatsaw has me sold.

Gravesend - Gowanus Death Stomp
A rather ominous album cover continues the gritty, dirty, filthy themes we expect from this blackened death/grind outfit.

One of Nine - Eternal Sorcery
Medieval black metal but in some tracks leans more towards the aggressive end of things compared to a lot of artists playing in that same space of influence. There's a sorrowful weight to it all. Melody is present but this has sharper edges than Obsequiae or Weald & Woe, for instance.

Broder - Skarpretterfossilet
Blown out, dirty, war-like death/sludge. My ears appreciate the bludgeoning.

Endseeker - Global Worming
HM-2 death metal from Germany. I think the vocals are one of the strongest points of this band. Enjoyed their previous albums, especially The Harvest. Maybe a bit on-the-nose and simple from time to time but not in a way that bothers me.

Theosophy - Bleeding Wounds of the First and the Last
Cold, existential, dark black metal from Russia in the vein of Uada, Groza, etc.

Phantom - Handed to Execution
Punky death/speed metal from Mexico. Solid old-school feel- classic guitar sounds, reverbed vocals, and just an overall fun ride. Get in loser, we're going riffing!