Best Albums Releasing This Week (11/10/2023)

Notable remasters/re-releases (aka you feel old now, you're welcome)

Non-metal releases

KC Rae - Think I'm Gonna Die
This is my most-anticipated of the week, including all the metal releases. I loved Now, Now and have loved all three singles KC has released so far from this new solo venture. Continues in the synthpop/indie realm that Now, Now's Saved brought that group into- and I'm glad because it's probably my favorite Now, Now record.

Metal releases

Left Cross - Upon Desecrated Altars
Death metal with war metal influence. No surprise as it features the drummer from Antichrist Siege Machine.

Vastum - Inward to Gethsemane
In usual Vastum form, beefy death metal with wild lead guitars and constantly changing tempos.

Pyrolatrous - Inveterate
Angular black/death with some firey soloing. Features members of other well-known acts (Krallice, Woe, etc)

Plaguemace - Reptilian Warlords
Stompy knuckle-dragging club(mace?)-wielding death metal with some caveman gang vocals thrown in to complete the feel. Somehow I like it and think it's funny at the same time.

Halvar - State of the Nation
Punky political South African thrash, with vocals ranging between a black/thrash style, more typical thrash yelling, and gang vocals.