Best Albums Releasing This Week (11/17/2023)


A week late and this week's may be delayed too. A mix of poor sleep, not feeling great, and then upcoming holidays/vacation are to blame. Starting to get into the more dry release times of the year after the big late October/early November blast of releases so only a few from the 11/17 week.

Metal releases

Elitist - A Mirage of Grandeur
Snarling, pulsing, swirling, dissonant death metal. Like if you took Fossilzation and added some anxious stop-and-go parts and high-tension dissonance. Super interesting, never gets boring. Constantly something new happening and it's always exciting.

Maul - Desecration and Enchantment
A sick two-track (three but the first two are combined, with a bonus fourth if you get the cassette) EP from Maul following up their great release Seraphic Punishment. This EP is so good. I often don't find myself loving EPs but this is a standout.

Ceremonial Bloodbath - Genesis of Malignant Entropy
As with many Sentient Ruin releases. This is harsh as fuck bestial black/death/war metal. Slamming, stomping, just an absolute category 5 hurricane of sound battering you from all sides. Love it.

Alchemy of Flesh - By Will Alone
Blasty death metal with some nice riffs and an awesome logo. Some OSDM kinds of sounds here ranging from dissonant chords to fast tremolos.