Best Albums Releasing Weeks of 11/24/2023 and 12/1/2023


Today is Bandcamp Friday. Who knows if they'll keep doing this post-Songtradr acquisition, so this might be your last chance to buy things from artists you like while giving them 100% of the proceeds. Despite the Songtradr/union mess, this is probably still overall an okay time to buy from Bandcamp. You may draw your line elsewhere and that is understandable!

As always, some well-regarded releases that came out did not make this week's list for various reasons- whether that is concerns about the label or band that prevent me from promoting them, or they just did not vibe with me at all, since this list is more about my personal preferences - but items that I think are good enough to share.

Last week's picks, simple list without editorial (since no post for the holidays)

List begins with a neat dream pop act, then a vaporwave/slushwave act, and the rest are metal!

This week: Non-metal releases

Albion - Harp
Dark, dreamy, gothy folk which was a surprise find of the day. Love the guitar tones on this. Captures a very vivid melancholic sound and the vocals are a beautiful layer on top of everything.

This week: Metal releases

Panopticon - The Rime of Memory
This one will be a surprise to no one! Lunn being a well-known figure in the USBM scene now. Atmospheric folk black metal and folk music as usual with plenty of guest performers, all sorts of layered instrumentation (cellos, strings, singing bowls, lap steel, etc), a choir, and a comprehensive list of album credits to match.

Abyssal Rift - Extirpation Dirge
Spoiled with all the really meaty death/doom coming out this year. Love swirling, gloomy stuff like this that leans more death than doom while holding onto some doom influence. Keeps things interesting without becoming slow and stale.

Walking Corpse - Our Hand, Your Throat
Noisy grindcore. The vocals aren't my favorite of the genre but are competent and the music is great.

The Prava Kollektiv

Not a single act, but a collective of artists that share members who many of which released albums this week. Recommend checking them out- spacey black metal, swirling avant-garde dissonant black metal, all sorts of interesting stuff!