Best Albums Releasing This Week (12/08/2023)

Light week, as expected for December.

HEALTH have become one of my favorite bands. Darkwave / industrial metal but with vaporwave / shoegaze style vocals. Beautiful mix of soft vocals and heavy sounds.

Phobocosm - Foreordained
Doom/death metal album book-ended with more doom-leaning tracks. Love the deep growls here. It really lays well over the music and reminds of me of Immolation in the best way. Plenty of anxious sounding leads and drones going on underneath the swirl of fast death metal playing. Shifting tempos definitely take this firmly into death/doom territory from time to time.

Syn - Villfarelse
Anonymous black metal on Terratur. Some good but grimy production. Has a layer of filth on it. Feels like a nice combination of multiple black metal facets - you can hear atmosphere, plenty of aggression, but also some wailing and some grime.