December 2023 Final Roundup + Top ~50 of 2023

End of Year Roundup

Releases are typically slow or mediocre as the year end approaches, with a few notable exceptions. I'll include my top 50ish list for 2023, but first, here are a few selections to round out the year.

Sulfuric Hatred - S/T
US black/death/war metal. Dissonant and terrorizing. Absolutely bludgeoning force of sound. A very high point to end the year on. One of the best releases of 2023, without a doubt.

Hinsides - Hinsides h​ö​rs dj​ä​vulsklockans urklang
Raw Swedish black metal. Stompy, aggressive, buzzy riffs. Feels raw but full at the same time- the mix was able to capture a very naked sounding performance in a great way.

Ringare - Of Momentous Endless Night
Sorrowful, melodic black metal that brings Dimmu Borgir to mind- but more atmospheric and less "orchestral". The strings are more ambient. The piano is laid back. Nice tempo changes, from slow melodic parts to very despairing blasting. Icy.

Top albums of 2023

2023 was a great year for music and especially for metal. There were far more releases than I could keep up with and albums and artists that I would discover and then rediscover, being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of quality music coming out. This list isn't exhaustive and I've already realized a few here or there that are missing from the image version- I'll add them to the text list for completion's sake.

In both lists- they are not in a very specific order, though a few of my top favorites are towards the top of the list. The text list I'll split between metal and non-metal/metal-adjacent releases just to help those that may want to focus on a particular set.

I'll note my absolute top picks in the text list with a 🌿 symbol

View the image version by going here.

The text version:

Non-metal (includes some metal-adjacent)