Best Albums Releasing This Week (07/28/2023)

Personal notes:

In no particular order:

Flight - Echoes of Journeys Past
Hard 70s prog rock out of Norway that you could actually be convinced was from the 70s. However, they do "retro" without it sounding cheesy or gimmicky. It doesn't feel like it's 70s-influenced just to sell on nostalgia- it's original, genuine, and exceedingly fun.

Atonement - Sadistic Invaders
Black/death/thrash from a band that sounds like they've been steeped in that scene for decades- and yet many of the members aren't even 20 years old yet. Incredible. Dying Victims Productions is a great label for them- a label that almost never misses. Overall quality of DVP releases is something other labels should learn from. Top release of the week for me, more than likely.

Organ Dealer - The Weight of Being
Top-notch grindcore with great vocals and sharp, stinging riffs.

The Glorious Dead - Cemetery Paths
Mostly straight-forward death metal with some doom influences here and there. Instantly caught my ear and nearly missed it on my radar but glad I found it.

Thra - Forged in Chaotic Spew
Sludgy, filthy, tasty death metal

Artanor - In Servitude of Darkness
Australian atmospheric black metal.

Eternal Rot - Moribound
Death/doom but with some interesting slam/bdm influence going on vocally. The music stays death/doom but the vocals may catch you offguard if you aren't ready. It's not for everyone- but IMO, as someone that can't get into slam/BDM I don't mind its small influence here. Just makes the death metal even nastier

Porphyrion - Blood Orgies Beneath Disgraced Temples
actual bandcamp link since the album one is a weird source
Death metal with some great leads and reverb-laden vocals. Not "cavernous death metal" level, but flirting with its aesthetic.