What is this place?

This site is inspired by the idea of the classic digital garden, even if it isn't a perfect example. A personal wiki of sorts. A way to express and share myself quietly into the world online that I fully control, but one that isn't rigid or stuck in a particular time. Feel free to skim over or indulge yourself in an article like A Brief History & Ethos of the Digital Garden by Maggie Appleton to get more of an idea. I love encountering others' homepages on the web. There's something special about websites that are genuine, intimate, and personal that the rest of the internet no longer reflects.

This site presents itself in alignment with my Digital Philosophy which means it is simple, lightweight, and easy to browse and does not track you. Read the page for an expanded contemplation on this approach to the web. I think we are in sincere need of a return to simplicity.

For information about the 161 in the site name as well as details on the stances this site/author takes, visit the politics/beliefs page.

Who am I?

You can simply call me B. I've worked multiple positions in customer service and technology. Most recent ones being desktop support and linux system administration. I enjoy loose leaf tea, hot sauce, coffee, music, and technology, though my relationship with the latter is complicated, if you haven't picked up on that already.