Digital Philosophy

Garden161 rejects the paradigm of the current internet as harmful. The site is extremely lightweight and should load quickly regardless of device. It mostly consists of plain-text with minimal styling to make it look good. You'll notice that images are a rarity or are handled with care. There are no cookies, no javascript, no ads, no tracking. No pop-ups, no hijacking your scrollbars, no bandwidth-hogging resources.

This site avoids becoming bloated like much of the web is these days. It respects your device, your eyes, and your attention. It does not place the burden on the reader to have high-end hardware or tech-knowledge. An ethical approach to site design that we've nearly lost to time. A garden, tended by hand instead of machine.

Inspired by sites like 100 Rabbits

The Tech

Purposely lo-fi. This site is crafted with simplicity in mind. It is built using Bearblog, a lightweight, respectful blogging service that provides just enough utility to make it easy and desirable to write. Mostly text with some modest CSS.