All of these projects will aim to achieve their goals while adhering to a small-web digital philosophy (ad-free, privacy-focused, lightweight, accessible)

Fearless Technology

Work in progress. Desire to reduce fear and help fellow humans embrace technology in safe, enjoyable ways, while maintaining a reasonable understanding about how it can be misused. Hoping to put up a fight against the ad-infested, privacy-destroying, often completely incorrect blog spam pollution seen across search engine results when someone needs an answer to something related to computers and technology. Hoping to include information that will help beginners and everyday users of technology as well as assist power users and IT personnel that need more in-depth troubleshooting. From operating systems to peripherals, hard drives, memory, software and everything in between- the idea is to be a solid, user-and-device-respecting resource of information.

Stop visiting sites that disrespect you! (Advice I should learn to take as well...)